“Dr. Cox is an awesome doctor and has done a great job at helping me”
Montana D.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that [my daughter] is doing so much better since we came for the NET. She is finally acting like a normal human being, I no longer feel like her angry twin is lurking in the corner. You have saved our family and I mean that literally. Without you my last option would have been to send her to military school.”
Tisha F.

“I am off almost all of my blood pressure medicine, I am off all of my acid reflux medicine, and I have energy like I have not had in a lot of years”
Jim L.

“Cox Natural Healthcare is a place where you receive true compassionate care…My favorite thing is feeling like a part of the Cox family”
Linda S.

“My family comes to Dr. Cox and we rarely have to visit a medical doctor. Dr. Cox has helped with everything from a stuffy nose to sore muscles…I start with Dr. Cox before going anywhere else.”
Cathleen T.

“I have told many people to come see Dr. Cox, that he is very good and does amazing things”
Leeca L.

“You HAVE to go see Dr. Cox! It’s natural and it works!”
Dalila M.

“Dr. Cox will take care of you inside and out. He cares about the whole health of a person.”
Eric I.

“I always feel better after a treatment”
Steve H.

“I feel that Dr. Cox listens to my complaints and does not dismiss what I say”
Monica C.

“I recommend him all the time! If you want relief, Dr. Cox is your guy!”
Jolee H.

“There are many different health benefits here that aren’t available other places. Dr. Cox always tries to treat the cause of your problem, not just the symptom”
Brandon B.

“Dr. Cox is very knowledgeable…He has treated me successfully for some 25 years”
Tolan H.

“Dr. Cox is kind, patient, and very knowledgeable”
Mary S.

“Go, it really does help”
Joseph C.

“This is the place to come for all natural healing”

“Dr. Cox is not only very knowledgeable in chiropractic care, but also in natural health remedies for different issues”
Marjorie Q.

“Go. Especially if you are in any kind of pain”
Lisa W.

“Great results for any issue”
Stacy C.

“Sarah Cox has been with the clinic since late 2015. However, many patients could say they’ve watched her grow up in the halls of Cox Natural Healthcare Solutions. Sarah took over the position of Clinical Director from Debbie at the beginning of 2016. She not only works to make sure the operations of the clinic are running smoothly, but she also helps out at the front desk, in diagnostics, and in therapy.”
Karen V.

“I got hooked on the products back in the summer of 2015 after noticing very quickly that I was not only losing weight & inches, but I also had more energy that I’d had in years!! I lost about 30 pounds my first three months, and have maintained my weight ever since.”arah C.